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Follow Kim through her newspaper articles, tv and radio appearances.

Upcoming Events

July 15 - Night of Light, Namaste Wellness Center Medina
July 29 - Reiki First Degree, Namaste Wellness Center, Medina
October 21/22 - Holistic Health and Healing Expo

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Yoga is an ancient tradition of breath and movement that is thousands of years old. It is an individual tool that can be helpful in stress reduction, relaxation, posture, flexibility and healing, depending on your desires. The link between body and mind is a basic premise in practicing yoga. What affects one, affects the other.

Benefits of Yoga
Increased flexibility and energy
Increased focus and awareness
Improved balance and posture
Improved circulation and breathing
Stress reduction
Safe for all body types and ages

Healing Room
The Yoga by Kim Studio has a special room designated for healing and meditation. All students are welcome to come and get to know their higher selves through meditation in this room.

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