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July 15 - Night of Light, Namaste Wellness Center Medina
July 29 - Reiki First Degree, Namaste Wellness Center, Medina
October 21/22 - Holistic Health and Healing Expo

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Angel Programs Angel Academy

Schedule Kim for a one hour angel presentation sure to enlighten all who are present. Your group will benefit from hearing about the angels and how to invoke them in your daily lives.

This is a half day "playshop" filled with information on how to access and invoke your own personal angels into your daily life.

Topics Include:
* Who are the angels, archangels, and fairies
* Who are the ascended masters
* How to know if you are having an angelic encounter
* Invoking the angels for protection and guidance
* Raising your vibrations to develop your angelic communications
* Exercises and tools to increase your psychic abilities
*You will also learn to use the Doreen Virtue Angel Oracle Cards

Call or e-mail Kim for pricing

Call or e-mail to schedule your personal readings or programs.
More information COMING SOON on these programs:
Angels Among Us
Angels, Love & Romance
Angel Academy II
Marketing with the Angels

"I attended Angel Academy in August. I will try to put into words what has happened to me since that day. It was a beautiful inspirational and spiritual experience that has profoundly changed my life. Prior to my AA experience, I had been trying to figure out what I was really supposed to be doing with my life. (Is this it?) I wasn't really listening to my gut feelings, my inner voice, my higher self. I knew that there was something missing, but I wasn't really listening.

Now I LISTEN, I RESPOND (or try to). But I pay attention to those little nudges. I have a sense of peace that I don't ever remember having before. I know I have a band of Angels to help me and guide me through whatever it is that I need help with. And to know that they have just been waiting for me to ask for assistance !!! How comforting it is to know that?!! Thank you Kim."
Cookie - LaGrange, OH

"I attended my first angel academy on June 30,2006 at Inner Harmony location........I found Kim to be very personable and warm and the material she presented was quite interesting and fascinating.

She was very approachable and one felt that they could ask questions and not feel intimidated .......She also added humor to her presentation.

I would definitely attend any future presentations that she offers."

Maryann - Parma, OH

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