Angel Meditation

Meet Your Angels Meditation!

This has been a favorite meditation when I am doing my angel talks! I have recorded it for a free download! Feel free to share. Enjoy!

Click the button below to play the meditation. It will open a new window. Don’t forget to turn your speakers on! Playtime: 7 min, 35 sec

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Play “Meet Your Angels” Meditation

Who Are the Angels?

The word angel means “messenger”. These divine beings are assigned to us to help us remember our true nature, peace. The angels are a gift from God and you are assigned two at birth. They are here to serve us but can only help and guide us if we ask for help. So don’t forget the only angel rule, to ask!


These are the angels who oversee the guardians. They are very powerful and each have their own “specialties”. Some say there are only four guardian angels while some belief systems say seven or many more. Doreen Virtue’s book,  Archangels and Ascended Masters, names fifteen of them. The most well known are the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabrielle.

Michael: The peaceful warrior for protection. He can cut etheric cords and vacuum negativity

Raphael: The healer, of the physical body (ask Raphael for help in healing addictions)

Uriel: For psychological healing and creating a change of heart and help with forgiveness.

Gabriel: For communications, business and help with speaking the truth.


These are the beings who walked the earth as great leaders, teachers, healers, who continue to help us from the other side.


The branch of angels who guard and protect nature and the environment. They are denser and closer to the earth. They can help with manifesting. They only reveal themselves to those who believe in them. It is said, that for every seed planted a flower fairy appears.

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Angel Readings

What is an Angel Reading?

This is a time when you and Kim meet to receive messages from your angels, guides or past loved ones. She can see and hear them. The angels will give symbols or show an actual physical description of whoever is coming through (an angel, guide or past loved one). The angels guide Kim throughout the reading. It’s a positive and light filled experience that is as unique as you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the readings in person or by phone?
A: I can do Phone, Skype , Facetime or in person.

Q: This is new to me, so what is a typical reading like?
A: The reading is as unique as you are! I look and see who is there, deliver their messages and you are welcome and encouraged to come with questions of your own.

” My daughter died five years ago and I had not been able to let go of my deep grief. Kim did an angel reading for me and one message she delivered was that my daughter insisted that I ‘Move Forward Fearlessly’. This message provided me with the feeling that I could let go of my grief without letting go of my daughter. I know my daughter is always with me and in addition to my prayers to God, I now call on my angels to give me strength and guidance. Kim’s words comforted me and the things she told me convinced me, without any doubt that she was indeed receiving divine messages. Kim’s positive energy flows through her to you” ~ Signe – Columbus, OH


30 minute Personal Reading: $60

Call or e-mail to schedule your readings


“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for starting me on my incredible journey.”

“Since meeting you this past June I have found a love, peace and contentment I never thought possible. It has permeated all aspects of my life. My faith has become something I wear on my sleeve, not just something that happens once a week in church. I have never felt better that I do now. The change in my thoughts and in my heart is astounding.”

“The most amazing part of this journey has been others reaction to me. People I’ve know for years comment on how I have changed. I tell them I haven’t really changed, I just started listening to and talking to my angels. They were always there I just never listened. Now, I know to ask!”

“I can’t wait for this magnificent journey to continue into the new year. May this new year bring health, love and joy to you and your family. Thank you for everything.” ~ Lori Lunder – Brunswick, OH

Angel Programs

angel wings and haloContact Kim to schedule her for an enlightening angel presentation for your group or event.

– Angels Among Us
– Angels, Love & Romance
– Angel Academy I and II
– Marketing with the Angels

Explore the Angelic Realm

Angel Inspirations logo Come and explore the angelic realm with Kim Wasielewski Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®.

Step inside and learn about the Angels and Archangels. Many angel presentations available for your exploration and enlightenment for your group or event. Call Kim for availability and details.

“I attended the Angel Academy at Inner Harmony in June. The peace and calm I have felt since that night is astounding. I’ve begun meditating each day and always remember to ask my angels for help. The past year has been filled with fear and illness for me, and you and the angels have given me a joy I never expected. Thank you, Kim!” ~ Lori, Brunswick, OH

Treat yourself to the gift of an Angel Reading from Kim or give one as a gift to a friend or loved one.
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