Who Are the Angels?

The word angel means “messenger”. These divine beings are assigned to us to help us remember our true nature, peace. The angels are a gift from God and you are assigned two at birth. They are here to serve us but can only help and guide us if we ask for help. So don’t forget the only angel rule, to ask!


These are the angels who oversee the guardians. They are very powerful and each have their own “specialties”. Some say there are only four guardian angels while some belief systems say seven or many more. Doreen Virtue’s book,  Archangels and Ascended Masters, names fifteen of them. The most well known are the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabrielle.

Michael: The peaceful warrior for protection. He can cut etheric cords and vacuum negativity

Raphael: The healer, of the physical body (ask Raphael for help in healing addictions)

Uriel: For psychological healing and creating a change of heart and help with forgiveness.

Gabriel: For communications, business and help with speaking the truth.


These are the beings who walked the earth as great leaders, teachers, healers, who continue to help us from the other side.


The branch of angels who guard and protect nature and the environment. They are denser and closer to the earth. They can help with manifesting. They only reveal themselves to those who believe in them. It is said, that for every seed planted a flower fairy appears.