Yoga by Kim DVD

Yoga by Kim video cover

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Now in its 3rd Production Run!

Excellent value – 2 classes on 1 video! DVD

Yoga Taught with Loving Kindness
Easy Beginner Yoga in 2 Parts
Two Classes for the Price of One!

Two wonderful classes that give you the basics for a home practice. Kim takes you through the foundations of breathing and gentle movement that helps you achieve harmony with mind, body and spirit.

In less than 45 minutes you will bring yourself back into balance and be rejuvenated! (be sure and watch the bloopers at the end for some healing laughter).


“I loved your energy and the different things you did with the class. You got my hubby to do Yoga, not complain and like it…you rock! I am eternally grateful and look forward to the video.”

~ Connie Jordan, Sarasota, FL

“Kim’s yoga class is fantastic. I am not a person who exercises, and certainly don’t want to spend hours in the gym. She proved to me that you are never too old to start taking a yoga class. Better yet, after her classes, my fibromyalgia improved immensely.”

~ Nancy Kuhn, Marietta, Georgia

“Kim’s class is a joy to participate in. She does a wonderful job of bringing harmony to body, mind and spirit!”

~ Doug Schmult, Morris IL

“Wow! Just saw the video – It made my heart soar. This is a winner. The whole package is awesome. Loved the bloopers – what fun! Music is great and using real people – what a concept!! Finally an user-friendly yoga video – Yoga by Kim ROCKS!!!

~ Susan Krall, Brunswick OH